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The tool to take back our government is already in our hands. All we have to do is use it.

It is obvious to more and more of us these days that our partisan political system is not working the way it should. We hear more and more complaints about the unfair influence of campaign contributions and the growing influence special interests have on our elected officials. Our political parties are not acting to minimize their political differences and are not producing the kind of quality candidates this country requires, deserves, and is capable of producing. These partisan shortcomings are due to the loss of the people's voice within their party structure. Presidential candidates routinely ignore or minimize partisan political platforms, another indication that partisan political platforms are out of step with the voting public.

There is only one way to address the problem of special interests in politics and that is to become one ourselves. That's right; we, as a People, have to fight fire with fire. We, as a People, must collectivize ourselves within each political party to re-empower the the People's voices over that of the special interests.

Fortunately, we have a tool to allow us for the first time in our nation's political history to do just that. We must use the Internet to bring people together from within their own political backgrounds, their own political parties. Only then will both political parties seek the common good. Below I have mapped out a few preliminary steps that I think should be taken:

A. The National Online Party will be strictly prohibited by its By-Laws from accepting any political donations, or in-kind contribution, from any lobbyists, special interests, unions and corporations. Individual party donations will be strictly voluntary and limited to under $150 per year per member.

B. There should be at least three separate political online parties created: The Blue, the Purple and the Red, or perhaps: the New Progressive Party, The American Centrist Party and the National Homeland Party would be better choices -- the specific name of each party will be set by a majority vote of the membership.

C. Each party will be divided into nine (9) sub-divisions:

1. The first level will be the point of entry for all members. It will be at "street" level, consisting of between five to ten members, with restricted access to the party's street-level web site. The default setting would be based on proximity street addresses, but members would be free to create their own street-level groups, as well as the numbers of members in a group.

2. Next web group up would be the "Neighborhood" level (five to ten Streets).

3. The "Precinct" level (all neighborhoods within the precinct).

4. The "City" level (all precincts within City's boundaries).

5. The "County" level (all precincts within the County).

6. The "State" level (all counties within the State).

7. The "Regional" level (six to eight states).

8. The "Consolidation" level (all three branches).

9. The "National" level (all states, all branches).

D. The originator of a motion, and only the originator of the motion at any level, if passed, will automatically be given clearance to place the motion on the next higher level's agenda, and to comment in the online "membership" comment section, rather than the "public" comment section, but would not be allowed to vote on the motion at the higher levels.

Should the motion pass at the next higher level, the process would repeat itself; again, with the originator of the motion at a lower level being given clearance to place the motion on the next higher level's agenda, and to comment in the online "membership" comment section, but not having access to actually vote on the motion.

E. Every street-level member will have access to all higher-level web sites and their elected public officials, and to all "public" comment sections, but would not be able to participate in these sites' deliberative process directly. Deliberative representation upward will be undertaken only members of the members of the present level.

Building an Internet infrastructure can be done, all we need are people willing to get it done.

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